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Information about ME

G'day there.
As the title suggests, my name is JP Hindin. I currently live in the Middle of Nowhere, Iowa. Actually, that's not entirely accurate. I live outside of the Middle of Nowhere, on a 3-acre plot with my wife, two children, three cats, and several hobbies.

I was born in New Zealand and emigrated to the United States at the end of 2000 when I married my wife (from the aforementioned Middle of Nowhere, Iowa). I have lived here ever since.

I have a few hobbies. First comes watching my kids. Which isn't supposed to be a hobby, but I pretend like it is to make it feel like I'm doing something I actually want to be doing. After that comes my computer/electronics and then my cars. I like mowing the lawn too. And... well, that's it. I'm pretty much out.
My father is a hoarder, my mothers' father was a hoarder, my fathers' grandfather was a hoarder... It's a combination of the genes, honed to perfection if you will...

I have a YouTube channel for my computer things that I try to update. I also am online during the business day at my talker.
Or I'm always at the end of this.

(This is the third incarnation of this page. The previous ones can be found here (2002), and here (1999).)
And back again...