Welcome to the Cairn homepage.

Cairn is a telnet chatter publically available to all internet users with no age restriction.
Cairn has existed, in one form or another, and on one server or another, since early 1997. The original talker was based on NUTS 3.3.3, and ran on a Linux server, a 486 DX2 80mHz, that I placed at my local Internet Provider in the hopes of them footing the meagre traffic bill, in return for allowing their customers to use it.
This didn't turn out quite as I planned, as I was young (Last year of high school) and wasn't good enough at telling them what was going on. Eventually the bright idea ended, and as I see now, for good enough reason.

Bypass the years, the servers, the downtime when I didn't have servers. After becoming sick of the jackass losers at the talker I lived on, I decided it was high time Cairn made a serious comeback. While the talker had been running since I started working for Binhost Technologies, I didn't inhabit it frequently enough. This was going to change.
The codebase was still based on NUTS, however it had changed into a completely different beast, all modifications written by myself with no code brought in from other sources (ie. AmNuts, Moenuts, etc).
However it could only go so far. My specialty is the perl language, and it was high time I take matters into my own hands. So, I began a project that became pCairn, aka jTalk.

jTalk is a talker system, following a NUTS interface style (.commands, etc), which is written entirely from scratch in perl. The talker runs by my new philosophy of talker design - talking, and not features, is what a talker is for. Users don't come to play with the bells and whistles, they are window dressing for the important part, the part that makes a talker live and breathe - the userbase.
The talker is pretty. It's fully functional, and if I do say so, kinda slick. But its not bloated with endless functionality that most users could give a damn about. There's also a minimalist interface, if you don't know what you're doing, you probably should stick to MSN instead of telnet chatters - I will not coddle to Windows users. There are no giant pop-up warnings, no six-line banners, no system-wide spam mails from administrators, no nagging news complaints. There aren't fifteen user levels, simply three - User, Wizard and God - you login, you are equal.
Just a talker with all the amenities to make it enjoyable to chat on. At least, thats my theory.

Neat features?
Gee, let me see. I guess I kinda like the fact that large portions of the system (Certain core functionality, text editor, all user commands) that are stored in a reloadable hash of procedures. That is in plainspeak, if there is a feature missing, I can add it without restarting the talker. A bug in a command? I edit a text file on the system, '.reloadcommands' and we're away laughing. Anyway, my users and I think its cool.
All the core globals are stored in a hash that is modifyable while the system is running.
You can write commands from inside the system.

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