The JP Hindin Page!
Information about ME

Well, what can I say about myself?
My name is John Paul Hindin (No pope-related jokes, thank you very much).
I currently live in New Zealand (A pair of islands to the South-East of Australia), in Wellington a city of 350,000 people or so (I think).

I left high school in 1997 (Completed, not drop-out), live with my mother and brother (still) and work as a programmer at an internet provider called Globe.Net.
I have a beautiful fiancee who lives in America, whom I'm pining after. We don't spend enough time together (obviously), however she'll be moving to New Zealand permanently mid-2001.

I've been around computers since I was born (my dad plays with them), and I've been truly mucking about with them since I was about 6. I'm also a fine combination of genes as a hoarder (One who acquires and keeps LOTS of junk), and so have a large computer collection.

I enjoy playing with computers, programming internet stuff, playing with cars and bucking off work.
Legality holds no huge moral interests for me, nor does religion or politics, but I generally have a lot to say about any subject and happily will argue to the hilt over something I know nothing about.

Oh, and I'm a closet petrolhead.
I own a 1970 (rusting away parts car) and a 1974 Ford Capri MkI, and a pair of 1982 Toyota Starlets (One to be wrecked).
Slowly I'm bringing my primary MkI to thrash-standard.

I enjoy many sorts of music, however I very muchly dislike "Rythymn and Black" and "Rap" and all those terrible ripoffs of songs by idiots like Puff Daddy and the like.
I have quite a urge for heavy metal music, and generally thats what I listen to.

I can usually be found at Cairn, or I'm always at the end of this.

And back again...