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Information about ME

Well, what can I say about myself?
The original page that sat here, as of late 1999, can be found here as a history reference.

My name is John Paul Hindin, although I use my second name, Paul... Or oft called JP depending. I currently live in Hampton, Iowa, USA. I come from New Zealand, and have immigrated to the US as of about December 2000. (Further below).

I completed high school (Saint Patricks College "town", Wellington, New Zealand) in 1997, and decided to take a year off before entering University (which I wasn't too interested in). A year off became my future, and I have neither attended university since, nor looked back.

For four or so years I was "with" a woman on the internet, a net.relationship as they were called. This blossomed, and after a number of back-and-forth visits, and thousands of dollars of phone calls (I think we missed four Saturdays in about three years of weekend calling) we came together, and slightly rushed, married on December 28th 2000 with her immediate family the only witnesses. I am now in the process of immigrating to the US.
Side note: Our "fake" wedding date, was October 6th 2001 - where my family came over, and Kates family congregated, and about 400 people attended. Said second wedding was technically a reaffirmation of vows.

I live, with my wife, on a 10.5 acre farm 8 miles NorthWest of Hampton, Iowa. We have about 30 horses, 25 sheep, 5 cows, 3 mules, 3 dogs and a donkey as mutual (yet outdoor) residents. Our house was built between 1910 and 1920 and is need of some external care, but its a nice big farm house. (If you ignore the 50's redecor of the interior with pink marlite and inch-high green shag carpet)

I've been around computers since I was born (my dad plays with them), and I've been truly mucking about with them since I was about 6. I'm also a hoarder (One who collects junk and can't get rid of it).
My father is a hoarder, my mothers' father was a hoarder, my fathers' grandfather was a hoarder... It's a combination of the genes, honed to perfection if you will...

Computers "is" my thing, however I enjoy most mechanical interests also (something passed down from my father) and enjoy twiddling with car mechanics and aircraft.

Legality holds no huge moral interests for me, nor does religion or politics, but I generally have a lot to say about any subject and happily will argue to the hilt over something I might know nothing about.

Oh, and I'm a closet petrolhead.
I do own a bunch of cars, however they are all remaining in New Zealand to be sold by whatever family member can be bothered to sell them. Shame, I loved that Capri.
Most American cars are just plain ugly... Style evidentally missed the US auto industry entirely, so I guess I'll just have to look out for Euro/English imports.

I enjoy many sorts of music, however I very muchly dislike "Rythymn and Black" and "Rap" and all those terrible ripoffs of songs by idiots like Puff Daddy and the like.
I'm very fond of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Robert Miles, Delerium... Random things.

I can usually be found at The Forever Beyond, a talker owned by a friend.
Or I'm always at the end of this.

And back again...