Thomas Elliot Hindin

My son, Tam, born November 17th, 2005, weighing in at seven pounds and nine and a half ounces.
Also known as mini-me.


Pre-baby, in April of 2005, May and then July.

The day of his birth:

The boy on scales minutes after his appearance, in the little basinette thingy the natal unit has, and finally with Landa.


One day old, on Thanksgiving day with Mum, and bright eyed on the same day.
A video of his first bath, 1.8MB
A video of him wiggling around in his natal basinette, 1.3MB


Ben with the wean, the cat, the kid and I, and a baaaaby.


Pralle and Tam against a winter backdrop, napping in the Boppy, talking to the fishes and a serious look.


Big eyes! His new toy, a Jumparoo, making fun out of him, Happy, Flipper the wonder baby (in his snow suit), and two pictures of him cheery at Landa's.


His first semi-solid foods, reading a book, and his new specs and sun hat, supporting the All Blacks, and a nap time drool.
A large video of Tam eating, 11MB


Hello there, a little kip, rolled over for the first time, all bounced out, feeding (Gee I'm getting bald), I didn't do this (And I suppose he's vaguely innocent too), "I caught those toes."

ISU pom pom boy, bathing with the flashy ducks.


Cheery lad in jandals, Lambified, sitting and drooling.


My little geek, Tam and Aubrey (Like his 'What the hell is it?' look?), Surveying the yard (with an appropriate bib), The bird, the boy, a tree and a truck, Super Baby!, holy crap he is so damned cute.
Some more recent videos, taken in June. Forgive the darkness in some of them.
Tam swimming, 4MB
Talking one, 3.3MB
and two, 2.5MB
Tam playing with cousin Maysen, 3.4MB


Tam and Susie looking dramatic, A querying look, Tam and Sarah Lear, Sleeping uncomfortably, Farmer Redneck


Checking out the Koi at the Des Moines Botanical Gardens, Having a bath in the sink


Driving the Belgians
Tam crawling, 1.5MB
Tam laughing hysterically, 2.1M

July 2007
I know, I know, it's been a long time. Mea culpa.
Tam playing with a puzzle, 11MB
Tam playing with an audio book, 16MB
Tam at the Iowa Falls Aquatic Centre, 2.4MB
And again a few days later, 5.6MB
And a third one of the pool, 5.1MB
Tam playing in a mud puddle, 5MB (MOV, QuickTime)
Tam playing in a mud puddle, 9.9MB (MOV, QuickTime)

My son looks an awful, awful lot like me when I was little. Totally creepy. He most certainly has my wife's eyes, and her feet. But the rest sure seems to be from my end of the genetic ugly stick.

My father at six months of age, and myself at eighteen months.