Wigram Motor Rating

I worked at Wigram Motor Rating, a company my dad started for the safety compliance of imported cars, from '98 until late '99.
We took the import, and stripped the car (so the inspector can see the seatbelt anchors, door seams, front wheel arches, measure brake discs/pads/drums/shoes), then we reassembled it. We usually co-ordinated any repair that needs to be done, and then have the car passed through with a Warrant of Fitness, and returned to the owner/dealer. We worked in a hangar, on the Wigram Aerodrome, an ex-Air Force airbase.

I'm going to give you a general show of where I worked, since it pretty much the biggest part of my life back then.

As of the 27th of August, here is the whole of Wigram Motor Rating:
The boys, Richard and Terry
Richard, Terry, Paul (Me)
One of our vehicle inspectors, Paul
Another of the vehicle inspectors, Steve
Around Wigram:
The underpass, inside the hangar
A view of the city, from the flightline
Looking front on at the hanger
Looking at the front grass
The "cage", between the hangars
View of the flightline
Hangar #6
A foggy morning, looking at our hangar
Of course, the job does have its perks:
1998 BMW 540i
1984 Bently Turbo R
1991 Mercedes E220, with bodykit
1980 Porsche 928 V8