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(Left) This is my grandmothers house, in Sidlaw Street, Wellington. In fact, if you look, you can even see my grandmother, who happened to spot us out the window as we were taking a photograph of the house.
(Right) We moved to Wellington at the end of 1988, when my father got a new job at Interlock Industries, who engineer and manufacture window stays. We moved into a flat (apartment) in Weka Street. The place was dismally small for a family of four, we only got half of this duplex.

(Left) While we were living in the flat, we were building our house. A number of years passed before we moved in, even then it wasn't finished. To be honest, the house never was. Our house is the light blue one. The house was a marvel of architecture, with some amazing window features and style. Unfortunately, to this day, it leaks water whenever it rains.
(Centre) The house may have been suspicious, but the property was not. Although the property was originally literally a 45 degree angle of bush and blackberry, we carved out a section. The views are spectacular, this is the Wellington airport from our driveway.
(Right) This is the view of Seatoun. If you find the orange roof on the left side of the picture, and then the grey roofs right above it, this is Seatoun Primary School, where I attended.

This is my High School, Saint Patricks College, an all-boys Catholic semi-private school. Arguably the best education for a boy of 13 to 17 available in Wellington.

(Left) My grandparents bought a bach in the mid 1960s as a summer home / vacation cottage. After many years and renovations, this is what it looks like in 2003.
(Centre/Left) As you can see, Hanmer Springs is nestled in the middle of the mountains, in the centre of the South Island. It's sunny and hot during the summer, and it snows during the winters to make a beautiful ski resort.
(Centre/Right) The one thing I strongly remember about my trips to Hanmer as a child was the bridge over the Waiau River. This is because its a one-lane wooden bridge that has always looked a little unsubstantial for my tastes, some 200' above the...
(Right) Waiau River. The camera doesn't bring it out, but the water is a milky blue as it is a fully mountain fed waterway.

(Left and Centre/Left) These are a pair of pictures of the Southern Alps, on the road towards Hanmer Springs.
(Centre) This is a picture of the thermal pools of Hanmer. Alright. So its night, and its in the middle of winter. You get the idea. (Centre/Right and Right) Many moons ago Hanmer Springs had one Post Office, which also housed the townships only telephone. Ah, simpler days. For the last few years the Post Office has been the name of a restaurant instead, serving exquisite food, and as the years have progressed, excessively exquisite prices.

(Left) Like I said, my father is a hoarder. Not only does he collect cars, but in more recent years (Since '97 I believe) he collects airplanes. Actually, only two airplanes - a pair of DeHavilland DH104 Devons, from the Royal New Zealand Air Force. (Centre and Right) Helping mask up the airplane for some spraypainting. We're using a blue pastic film that just happened to be findable at the time. Unfortunately the plastic is as good as GladWrap/Saran Wrap, and sticks to itself like there's no tomorrow. Thusly, standing on a wing and applying it from its 4 foot wide roll was a royal pain in the arse.

While teaching my cousin to drive, who was 14 at the time, in the parking lot of a certain Air Force Museum, he managed to screw up a chicane and plough my fathers Morris 1300 into a concrete flower box. This is the flower box.
This is the car: Here, here, here, and Here.

After my parents separated, in 1994, my father moved back to Christchurch. Some years, and various abodes later (Including his mothers house, a miniscule flat, and a hangar), this is his house, in the 'burbs of Christchurch.

Here are some pictures of my home city of Wellington, New Zealand.

Wellington city from Shelly Bay, across the water.

A Panorama of Wellington, from left to right, taken from Mount Victoria.
Mt Vic, Hataitai and outwards to the Eastern Suburbs, the Airport and south to Rongotai and Kilbernie.
Kilbernie, and over the hill, Newtown.

The city and beyond, Newtown, Vogeltown, Kowhai Park and Brooklyn.
The central city, flanked by Brooklyn, Highbury and Kelburn.

The North end of the city, with the railway station and Stadium, behind is Kelburn.
Looking Northwards of the city, showing Motorway 1, with Kaiwharawhara and you just see the Ngauranga Gorge.

To give you an idea of what you're lookng at, I've ripped off a map for you. Mt Victoria, where the picture is taken, is on the right edge of the square containing the city centre. The photo starts by looking SouEasth to North.
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