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General Pictures
    November 6th, 2002
A rather odd sign I saw in Freeport, Illinois. Non-geeks may not get it, sorry.
UNIX sign

    September 11th, 2002
Ahhhhhmerica. How sad you are.
These two pictures says a lot about America. And if you don't get it - then you need to get a good firm grip on reality.
Glock 21. And a close-up...

A caricature of myself and Kate done in Aug 2k, in SnoopyLand of the Mall of America.
A Tom Scott cartoon, which I find somewhat relevant to America.
Another Tom Scott, ala the ILOVEYOU virus
And this is for those Americans out there who actually think a Kiwi is a fruit
Here is a collage of pictures from the 2000 Warbirds over Wanaka airshow
Globe.Net Christmas dinner, 2000., Picture 2, Picture 3
A misty morning down around the airport.
Here kitty kitty kitty!
This is a family friend, Tina Collier, feeding Red Panda's at Wellington Zoo (New Zealand)

I've begun to take pictures of the often beautiful sunsets we get in Wellington, here is a collection:
One, Two, Three, Four, Five.