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My family
2003 Pictures

Left: From left to right on the couch, my father, his fiancee Yu Ying, my aunt Debbie, my Nana and my Grandad. On the floor is my cousin, Nikau (Debbie's daughter), and myself.
Centre/Left: Three generations of Hindin men - all the eldest in their generation. My Father, my Grandfather and Myself.
Centre/Right: A picture of my Nana and I at the Christchurch Art Museum.
Right: Myself, Kate, Mum, my Grandma and Margaret.

2002 Pictures

Left: My family; YuYing, Nana, Jenny (With Grant behind her), Ben, Granddad and Rebeccah, November 2002
Centre: Dad, Nikau and YuYing, December 2002.
Right: My brother, Ben, and my cousin, Rebeccah, November 2002.

2000 pictures

Me and Ben

My little kitten, Moush (aka. Moosh). Half Cat, Half Dog, All Stupid.

1999 pictures

Me, Dad, my Granddad - Me & Dad - Me & Nicola

My little brother, Ben (13)

Two of Isaac


Uncle Robbie, Mum, Me, Uncle Tom & Dad - Mum, Me & Dad

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