Xerox 860 IPS

The Xerox 860's front, keyboard, VDU, printer with/ autofeeder, insides front, insides back and CPU card - note funky card-edge.

My Xerox 860 was made in 1980/81 and is basically a heavy-duty word processor.
No, I'm not kidding.
The screen is a portrait-style screen (Although there is a smaller "half-size" model available), with a kinda cool tilt adjust (only in the horizontal axis).
The printer is a pretty major daisy-wheel piece of work, that supposedly can clap out 10 characters a second (not bad for a daisy).

The processor is an intel 8085, I'm not entirely sure what type of OS it runs, as I believe its all integrated with the software packages. We'll see, not been started yet.