Sun SPARCstation 1+

Pictures of the front, rear and insides of my Sparc.

The SPARCstation was a pizza-box machine that packed, for the time, a little grunt. With Suns own new RISC processor, SPARC, running at 25mHz this was a nice little desktop. Essentically identical hardware to the SPARCserver 1+, which was only missing the framebuffer.
The 1+ could access up to 64M of 30 pin 100ns memory, with onboard SCSI and three SBus slots (one came with the framebuffer) and onboard Ethernet (AUI).

When the Sun-4 architecture came out (The SPARC line), Sun moved away from its standard machine naming convention (x/xxx) although for the first Sun-4s the boot ROM would still report its name in the old fashion.
The Sparc1+ is no different, and is also a Sun 4/65.