Front, rear, and two shots of the insides of the IPX.

The IPX is a lot of machine packed into a surprisingly small amount of space. With a 'lunchbox' style clam-shell case, the IPX fits into it:
A 40mHz SPARC, floppy drive, 3.5" SCSI hard disk, the power supply and everything else.

Code named 'Hobbes', on the topside of the mainboard is silkscreened a sleeping cat and a phone receiver. On the underside of the mainboard is Hobbes himself, a cartoon cat from the 'Calvin and Hobbes' cartoon strip.

The IPX has an onboard GX-accelerated cg6 colour framebuffer, 2 SBus slots and can handle up to 64M of 72 pin SIMMs.
My machine should work, and appears to boot - but I don't have a keyboard cable, even though I do have a Sun keyboard (To my 386i with its funky propreitary all-in-one cable that can't be used).