SGI Indy

The logo, front, rear and insides of my Indy.

The Indy was introduced in 1993 as a low-cost high-power UNIX graphics workstation.
This is a machine I've lusted after ever since I first saw it, all that MIPS power!

The original Indy was marketed for $5000. I picked mine up for $80 on eBay a couple of years back. You can find 'em cheaper now.
My Indy is a 200mHz R4400 with a 24bit XL Newport graphics card. I run IRIX 5.3 on it.

The Indy comes stacked with all sorts of ports on the back.
From left-to-right, starting with the top line:
3D goggles, 13W3 video out, AUI, PS/2 mouse, Serial port 1, parallel port.
Headphones, Mic, Audio in, Audio out, Audio something, Composite in, SVideo in, IndyCam in, ISDN (Covered with white sticker with the red arrow), 10bT, PS/2 keyboard, Serial port 2, external SCSI2.