Apple LC II and LC III

An LC III front, rear and insides.

The original Mac LC (LowCost) was introduced in late 1990, and over the years was re-released in three more forms, the LC II, III and III+.
The LC case was slimline (Roughly 1.5" wide, although it sat up at the front on a little leg) but fitted a 3.5" floppy, a hard disk and one 90 degree Processor Direct Slot.

The LC II, released in 1992 had a faster processor (16mHz '030), but unfortunately they seemed to have forgotten to redo the data path, putting a 32bit processor on a 16bit board, not acheiving terribly much speed increase.

The LC III and III+ again had another processor upgrade, the III with a 25mHz '030 and the III+ with a 33mHz '030. (Actually, if you're tidy, you can swap a resistor over on the board and make the 25mHz LC III run at the III+ 33mHz.)

I'm quite fond of these machines simply because of their extremely tidy form-factor.
The final LCIII could handle up to 36MB of memory (in 72 pin SIMMs), making a total of 40MB with its onboard 4MB, 8bit 640x480 video, and with the right card, even 10bT ethernet... All running on a tiny (1" x 1" x 7") 50W powersupply.

Thats something you can always say about Apple, they sure knew how to build computers.