America 2001 and beyond

This covers my emmigration to the United States since December 2000.

[February 2004]
The house in the snow. Nothing too exciting, just lots of icicles. Note the drift in the backyard by the taller tree - its about 9 feet high.

[January 2004]
My hovel, my computer room. This is where I spend most of my day, working and such.

From the doorway, all the way around.
Posters, my Indy and SGI monitor and the Cubix, with various books and junk on it. Next, my desk, with all my crap; The bogroll is because its cheaper than blowing my nose 1500 times a day on Kleenex. My wifes desk, and her junk. And last, the glasstop desk with a SCSI RAID array, a Mac IIsi running A/UX, nice PC with fried processor, couple consoles, Dell used for testing, a cardboard box full of New Zealand chocolate and my laptop in the brown leather carry-bag. So there you go.
To the untrained eye, it might look like a messy dump of a room, but everything has a place, and everything is in it's place. Oh yeah, if you see my pet Iguana in there somewhere, eMail me, I haven't seen it in two weeks.

[Long time coming. Scans of Aug 2003]
These are some shots from home, they were a while in being scanned in.

The first two are in my Nana's living room, the first myself, Kate and my uncle Grant, and the second with my Nana. The next are of my cousin, Nikau, in my fathers garden, and then my Nana's garden. The final is Nikau preparing to help devour a Pavlova.
There is some black artifacting on the prints, I know.

[A whole year later. December 2003]
First real snow of the year. (I missed the first actual snow, it was at 4 in the morning and I sure as hell wasn't getting out of bed for that).

[New Years Eve 2002-2003]
A right old piss-up at the Hindin household. Most of the folks there ended up being young'un friends of Zachs - but it was still ok.
A 65+ thumbnail index of the pictures is right about here.

[Christmas Stuff 2002]
Pictures of our Vosburg/Haden Christmas tree hunt and our Hindin Christmas tree can be found here.
Note that there's a stack (35+) of thumbnails, so it may take a while for the initial page to load up all those thumbnails and render for you. Be patient.

[October 2002]
First real snow of the year in Franklin County, Iowa.
Pictures of:

[August 2002]
We had planned a holiday to Branson, Missouri. (Avoid it. Do yourself a favour). On the way we decided to meet two sisters that I had known for many years from an older and now deceased talker, The Twilight Zone.
After some arrangement I finally met Gopher (left) and her sister, Hamster.... Aka Jenn and Erin.

[March 2001]
A close friend of ours got married, here are a couple of pictures of myself and Pralle (TFB 'Ribbon') and Mary (TFB 'Wolfy'):
Do I look like Gene Simmons?
We're a handsome bunch.

There are always TFB (The Forever Beyond) get-togethers.
These pictures are hosted on the TFB page to be found here.