Between December 19th (1998) and Feburary 20th (1999), I was in America with my girlfriend Kate and her aunt, Kay.
I definately had a blast, and here are a slice (about the best of the lot) of my time...

I met a lot of great people, Andrew for example, a sophisticated guy for only 20 :)
Sara, 'nuff said. - or - D'ya think she's scared?
Or Pralle, who possibly needs some help.
Dave, the biggest and coolest geek I know:)
And not too far behind him (in most ways:), Tim.
Here's a few shots of Daves room.

NOTE: Some of the pictures below are bloody big!

I was in Ames, Iowa - which was knee-deep in snow while I was there, quite a new experience.
How bloody deep is this?
What the *hell* are you doing?

And lets not forget New Years eve...
Amy's not drunk!... honest!.
Hello CA and Maggs...
Drinking? Certainly not.
Me and Kate... reclining.
Trude, ask us another Trivial question...
These are other pictures, not from my trip:

Carol, being her natural... uh... self? ;) And Kate + Gina, on Gina's wedding day