The Caddilac's

We were given our first Caddilac as a Christmas (2000) present by my in-laws, and apart from a little set in of cancer and the odd quirk, it served us faithfully right up until it was totalled by some twerp blowing a stop sign at a blind intersection.
The results:

Goodbye to our 1988 Caddilac DeVille, which we put 35,000 miles on from Christmas 2000, right through until the 24th of June, 2002.

Our next Caddilac was a quite a piece of work.
We bought it from a dealer in Washington, while visiting. 1992, 85,000 miles, excellent condition.
Until it broke down 400 miles later in Butte, Montana. It's kinda quirky on its own, and as of writing, we've only had it a month or so. But its a hell of a car.
Shame its such a bitch to work on. A pox on GM/Caddilac designers.