Triumph GT6 Gasket Game

Can you name these gaskets, seals and O-rings?
Each gasket has a letter or number to identify it. Some of them have a "x2" or other underneath it to identify how many I have (and, presumably, comes in the various gasket sets).
Please beware, the images are high quality and are fairly large - they will suck to download on dialup, but will be easier to identify.

  Gaskets A through D
A Water pump housing to block gasket
B Gasket on carburettor, air cleaner side
C Thermostat? Carb to intake manifold?
D Distributor pedestal spacing gasket

  Gaskets E through J
E Thermostat housing to block
F MGB SU HS4 carb to spacer to manifold gaskets
G ?
H ?
I SU HS6 carb to manifold (1.75" throat)
J Zenith Stromberg carb to manifold (1.5" throat)

  Gaskets K through O
K Zenith Stromberg carb to air filter (1.5" throat)
L Water pump to housing gasket
M SU HS6 carb to manifold (1.75" throat)
N Main rear seal
O ?

  Gaskets P through S (Zenith Stromberg Carburettor rebuild kit)
P SU HS4 carb to spacer to manifold gasket
Q Same as K (Oops)
R ?
S ?

  Gaskets T through 5 (Carburettor rebuild kit)
T ?
U Zenith Stromberg choke housing assembly gasket (Automatic choke only)
V Zenith Stromberg choke assembly gasket (Manual choke only)
W Zenith Stromberg choke cover/top plate gasket (Automatic choke only)
X Zenith Stromberg fuel/air ration adjustment block to carb body seal
Y Zenith Stromberg bypass valve gasket
Z Zenith Stromberg bypass valve gasket
1 ?
2 ?
3 ?
4 Zenith Stromberg float champer bottom plug seal?
5 Zenith Stromberg water choke jacket seal?