The Story

Back while I was in school, there was a fellow with a great car.
The car had style... The car had road-handling and best of all, it was fast too.
A Ford Capri Mark I. And with that I was in love.

In 1997 I bought a 1971 Ford Capri. I christened her Bex. She was white, with black undersides, a black vinyl roof and a sunroof. And about 3/4 the weight of a normal Capri because of the amount of rust and lack of solid metal!
Fifteen minutes after I had bought it, we went driving, and on the way back up our driveway the clutch cable broke! Zut!
After a while my father and I worked on it, but the rust took over and she was decommissioned. But I loved that car, 'cos it was fast.
Originally a 1600, the car had had a 2.0 litre engine put into it from a Mark V Ford Cortina, with a twin-choke carb, it ran pretty well even though it was untuned and out-of-time.

And in 1999, I saw another one. Exactly the same - except without the rust :) I had to have it.
Sure enough, after a little haggling, for $800 I had a 1974 Mark I Capri... Without an engine, but I was happy.
And I christened her Kat.
We brought Bex down from Wellington and put her engine into Kat, and with a bit of fuss (First engine swap I've done, I learnt a lot) she ran.
For a while.
The first day I had her really going, I took her out to see my cousin. And he wasn't there. Then I went out to see my friend Simon (Even more of a Capri enthusiast than I). And he wasn't there either.
I had just got it back to the aerodrome, and was driving up to the gate and CLUNK. I drove a little further.. Clunk clunk clunk clunk. Then as I took her inside the hangar, the wheels stopped and it slid for a bit.
Just my luck! A broken diff! Zut!

I'd like to turbo-charge her, I think. I'm looking into it :)