Capri Modifications

These are the list of modifications done to my 1974 Capri, Kat.

Pre me:
Electric fuel pump
K&E racing seats
No interior carpet
Accurate oil pressure guage
Cheviot alloys
Bonnet pins
Gearbox stick u-bolted down (no coming out of the vinyl thread)

Post me:
2.0 litre Ford Cortina MkV engine
MkIV Cortina radiator
Dual rounded headlights (instead of single rectangular ones)
Differential from a '71 Capri
Clutch cable from a MkV Cortina
5 speed gearbox from an '80s Ford Sierra (requires minor gearbox mount mod).

To do!
Hell, what a list (and in chronological order, too):
Electronic Ignition
Austin Princess 4pot brake callipers w/Mazda 626 vented discs
Sierra Cosworth Pistions/Rods
Nice cam-job
Ported heads
Electronic Fuel Injection
Rear axle from a MkIII Capri V6 (Big brake drums, wider track)
Body work to rear guards to let the MkIII axle fit!
Fibreglass bonnet + boot
Complete respray